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Planning Board   82 Main Street,  Brownfield  ME 04010

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Town of Brownfield
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About Us
The Brownfield Planning Board has five (5) voting
members and two (2) alternate members elected by the
town.  Each member serves for a five (5) year term. Terms
are staggered to ensure some continuity.

The general purpose of the Planning Board is guide growth
and development of the Town  according to the Town
Ordinances, Comprehensive Plan and State laws.

The Board works in conjunction with the Code Enforcement
Officer, Fire Chief, Board of Selectmen and concerned

According to the by laws the Planning Board reviews all new
enterprises and issues permits in accordance with the Land
Use Ordinance.

It  administers the Subdivision Statutes (M.R.S.A. Title
30-A:A Chapter 187 § 4401-4404), issues permits and
reviews proposed changes.

In order to perform the above task, the Board considers,
reviews, updates and creates new ordinances  as necessary
or by citizen petition or other town boards or officers.
Having passed through proper procedures these new or
updated ordinances are submitted to the Town for vote
either through referendum or warrant.
                      Current Board Members

Chair -
Cynthia Willets                        Mitchell Dondero
Vice Chair -Nubi Duncan                    Sonia Frye -  1st Alternate
Pat Wallstrom                                                    -  2nd Alternate
Lenny Jean                                         Pam Thomas - Secretary